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What are the Differences between WP and WPMU?

Recently I have received a few emails asking this question: "What are the Differences between WP and WPMU?"

So I have decided to provide you with Troy's version of the answer.

Previously, there were two different install, WP and WPMU, with the currently release WP 3.0 there is only one version; you just activate the version you want. My favorite part is that you do not have to immediately start with WPMU if you do not need/want to. You can adjust the settings at a later date, a wonderful feature.

Changing Themes Network Wide with WPMU

1. Click on Super Admin > Themes

2. Select the themes you want to make available to all sites by selecting Yes

3. Then click Update Themes


Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5

The Adobe® Pixel Bender® Plug-in (v2.1) for Adobe Photoshop® CS5 supports processing of Pixel Bender filters on images opened in Photoshop CS5. These filters can be executed on the graphics card (GPU) or CPU of a computer. Pixel Bender customers as well as members of the Adobe Pixel Bender team have authored the filters that are included in this download.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

Adobe Illustrator CS5Adobe has announced the availability of the Adobe® Illustrator® CS5 HTML5 Pack. This add-on for Illustrator CS5 15.0.1 provides initial support for HTML5 and CSS3, extends SVG capability in Illustrator CS5, and helps you easily design web and device content. In combination with the HTML5 features available in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.3 updater, these new tools allow web designers to take advantage of the latest advancements in HTML5.

New WordPress 3.0 Installation (not an upgrade)

To start off with the download links for WP is here:

Not to step on the toes of WP Dev team I will NOT post instructions... really a 5 year old can do this.

Check out this out if you do not believe me... less then 10 minutes and you are up and running. Heck it is just click click, enter some data, click click Wham O! you are done!

WordPress 3.0 Adventure

There has been a good bit of discussion over the past 18 or so months on the WordPress Blogging software. I have personally have tried numerous times to create a riveting blog structure that would almost in essence act like a cms. Yes a daunting task I agree. The biggest questions was to use WP or use WP MU. WPMU gave more functionality, easier creation of multiple blog instances, not to mention the really nice plug-ins.

Unfortunately, I never could successfully make this happen, either lack of knowledge on my part or lack of time. Finally though, with WP 3.0 life is simple. With the new features that have been added, such as WPMU and regular WP are one install and not separate programs, to widgets and one of my favorites one button press upgrade for ALL of your MU blogs. There are numerous new items that have been added to this new realize that I want to highlight.

InDesign CS5 Presentation

When:  Wednesday, July 21 , 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Where:  Duncan Hall Conference Room

Bring your own bag lunch and join us for a live video conference presentation from Adobe about InDesign CS5.

There are a lot of cool new advanced features in InDesign CS5 including integration with Flash and video. Come find out more!


Discover timesaving image-editing features in Dreamweaver CS5

If you're like me, you've been wishing for some time that they would integrate the basic image editing tools that are in Contribute back into Dreamweaver so we don't have to stop and go out to Photoshop or Fireworks every time we want to crop or resize an image. Well now we can.

Under the hood with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2

A great article from Adobe's EDGE Newsletter covering performance, security, networking, desktop integration, etc.

Adobe EDGE News Video: Preparing for HTML5

Preparing for HTML5: In this video, Managing Editor Julie Campagna interviews Paul Gubbay, VP of engineering at Adobe, to get perspective on HTML5: Is it ready for primetime? Who's using it and why? And how is the Dreamweaver team supporting users who are eager to explore HTML5 today?