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   Our Mission: AMMUG exists to provide a collaborative environment and educational venue for digital media and application developers in the Auburn area.

Submit your best photo manipulations to the Photoshop "Faking It" contest on Facebook for a chance to win cool prizes!

Metropolitan Museum of Art and Adobe Systems Inc.
 Photo Manipulation Before Photoshop Contest

To celebrate the Faking It exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Adobe invites you to show off your own photo manipulation skills.

Adobe is coming to Auburn... Again! :-)

Adobe logo Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud for Auburn University
Adobe Day at Auburn University

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 9:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m. CST

Location: AU OIT Building, Room #103
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Adobe Is Coming To Auburn!

Adobe is coming to Auburn

AU-OIT is currently investigating the possibility of having an enterprise agreement with Adobe! To this end, representatives from Adobe will be on campus to give an overview of how Adobe works with education to help students, administration, and brand. Due to the overwhelming response from the Auburn community, they have had to split up the presentation into multiple sessions and are asking everyone to sign up for the session time you would like to attend. I'd highly recommend going if you can and we can talk all about it at our next AMMUG meeting, which is Thursday at 10:00AM in the Duncan Hall conference room. See you there!

Adobe® 2012 Mobile Consumer Survey Results

smart phone Using mobile sites, apps, and emerging technologies to get ahead

The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets continues to rise. In 2011, smartphone adoption alone reached 38% in the United States and is projected to grow to 48% in 20121. Mobile has become a long-term initiative for businesses, yet marketers are still finding their way on how to define, implement, and optimize their mobile marketing strategies. Results from the Adobe 2012 Mobile Consumer Survey show that consumers are using their smartphones and tablet devices to connect with brands in a variety of ways, but there is significant room for improvement in the user experience.

How to Use InDesign's Liquid Layout

layout There's an interesting article in InDesign Magazine about using the liquid layout in InDesign CS6. This sort of reminds me of the fluid grids in Dreamweaver CS6. I also like the way they created the navigation in this PDF file. Pretty cool.

September meeting is Thursday, Sept 20 at 10

The location is Room 1099 in the Systems Conference Room and here is a map
There be a presentation by Tyler Weldon. Tyler will demo a PhoneGap application that he has written.
The meeting is open to all.

CSS Summit 2012

CSS Summit 2012 , the same guys who put together the video conference from the Accessibility Summit hosted by OIT recently, are holding a 3 day video conference on CSS3, July 31-August 2, 2012 from 9AM to 4PM (CT).

There is a "meeting" option for purchasing tickets and Sam Singer has voiced interest in getting a group together to participate. If you are interested and/or willing to contribute to the cost of a group ticket, please contact Sam and let him know. If we have enough people interested to spread out the cost of the ticket, it may be possible to do this. Or, if you know of any department or group that may be interested in sponsoring this, as OIT did for the Accessibility Conference, please let Sam know. Thanks.

Mobile First

At the recent National Extension Technology Conference (NETC), Luke Wroblewski presented a great keynote focusing on Mobile First. He will be giving that same presentation online Monday June 25 at 1PM CT (2PM ET) if you are interested. Here is a link to the information.

Notes From May Meeting

2011 MAX Sneak Peeks!

2011 MAX Sneak Peeks For the first time ever, all of the "Sneak Peeks" from this year’s MAX have been recorded and posted on Adobe TV! Many people say the sneak peeks are always the best part of going to MAX! If you weren’t at MAX you can now check them all out! You won’t want to miss Image Deblurring, Rubbadub, Local Layer Ordering, Video Meshes, and of course Monocle and Reverse Debugging. :)