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   Our Mission: AMMUG exists to provide a collaborative environment and educational venue for digital media and application developers in the Auburn area.

Assistive Technologies Seminar

The Computer Science and Software Engineering dept. (my alma mater) along with the folks from the AIDB E. H. Gentry Assistive Technology program will be hosting a hands-on seminar on assistive computer applications and other technologies for the disabled. The information they will provide will be a very useful guide to helping us as web developers build websites that accessible to all viewers whether they are disabled or not.  I encourage all AU IT specialists, webmasters, and others charged with web development to attend this seminar. I've pasted the original announcement below if you missed it the first time.

Designing Web sites for Handheld Devices

This article will be useful to those of you who want to make your web site accessible for people with handheld devices without having to go back and recode every single page in your site.


Minutes for January 18, 2006 Meeting

10:00 AM

Minutes for the Adobe/Macromedia User Group

John opened meeting and shared what had happened since we last met.

• AMMUG is now an official Adobe/Macromedia User group. Benefits include discounts on conferences, certifications, and texts.
• Website is up and running thanks to Richard. Registered at the AMMUG website to be able to post questions and comments.

Richard discussed the official website. The AMMUG website uses the content manager Drupal. After logging in users have options to post to the blogs, books, and forums. Group blogs and personal blog space are available. Next Richard discussed the forum area. It includes a general and technical section.

Members link added to left-side menu

I have added a new "members" module to the website so that authenticated users can see the list of members. The list can be sorted by role, name, or time last seen. If you click on a member's name, you'll see the profile page which has a link to his or her blog and maybe other items later. -R

Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Update Released

This product update fixes bugs in Dreamweaver 8.0. All users of the English version of Dreamweaver should apply this updater, regardless of operating system. The updater will be available for non-English versions in the near future. This updater will update Dreamweaver 8.0 to version 8.0.1. You can check your product version number on Windows by selecting the Help > About Dreamweaver, and on Mac by selecting Apple Menu > About Dreamweaver.

AMMUG confirmed as official user group

The Auburn Macromedia Users Group status as an official user group has been officially confirmed by Ed Sullivan of Adobe Systems. See his post for further information. -R

Default Website Theme Changed

We have changed the default website theme to ammug-default, which is a copy of the "pushbutton" theme with some minor modifications. The new theme has a lighter feel, as well as looking more professional. On the down side, the font sizes seem to be really large in some cases. We hope to resolve this a little later by editing the theme's CSS. -R

Web server trouble 1/11/06

The web server which runs the AMMUG website had some hardware problems today which affected the site's performance. We made some changes to the boot drives and rebooted it. So far everything seems to be functioning properly.

January 18, 2006 Meeting

The next AMMUG meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2006 at 10:00 AM in Haley Center room 3223B.

Blogs and Forums available

All registered users should now be able to post in the forums, and create personal blog entries. For example, if you discover a really cool feature in a program your using (such as Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, PHP, etc.), blog it! Or, if you have a question, post it in the forums. Use the tools here for the benefit of everyone.