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   Our Mission: AMMUG exists to provide a collaborative environment and educational venue for digital media and application developers in the Auburn area.

Check out the new Adobe Developers site!

Using the new Spry accordion menus, Adobe has redesigned and reorganized the developers' center into the new Adobe Developer Connection. You'll definitely want to bookmark this site.

Adobe Acquires Buzzword Online Word Processor

"Adobe signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity and its groundbreaking online word processor, Buzzword. Explore this web-based word processor, a Flex-based RIA, that represents the future of online collaboration."

MAX Sneak Peeks

Hey everyone....I found some videos on a blog from one of the Adobe employees that has recorded a lot of the Sneak Peek sessions from AdobeMAX2007

Thermo Sneak Peek

MAX is sold out!

You may have already read, MAX is sellout! 4300 persons attending. Double last year's attendance.

MAX blog
This blog has some amazing photos of the facilities!

The Atlanta Conference for Photoshop Users

Photoshop Users Conference October 25, 2007
AmericasMart - Building 3 - Atlanta Apparel Mart
250 Spring Street NW

This is a training conference presented by CompuMaster. Regular registration is advertised at $199.00 per person or $189.00 4 or more. If anyone is interested in this please let me know and I will see if we can get some kind of additional user group or educational discounts.

See their website for more details.

CF United Express Chicago - 9/30/07

For those of you headed to MAX in Chicago, you may want to think about this.

$99 ($149-$50 User Group Discount) through August 31st and $149 ($199-$50 User Group Discount) after.

If you register before August 31st you can use 100% of your registration towards CFUnited 2008 after that you can only use 50% of your registration cost towards CFUnited 2008.

A proper Cancel Printing Features for Flex 2.01

I highly recommend reading my first entry on Flex Printing, unless you alrady know how to. I am going to show you some advance printing items now.

I believe these features NEED to be included in any Flex Printing that you might want to do.


I am going to implement a proper way to handle a canceled print job.

1.  I am going to use the same function that   I used earlier.


private function doPrint():Void


    var pj:FlexPrintJob = newFlexPrintJob();

How to print in Flex 2.01

This is just MY way to print in Flex. There might be a better way, but I have not found it :-) If anyone knows of one, please share it with me! First off there are two REQUIRED classes that you will need to include.

I am guessing no matter how you print you will need these.

1. FlexPrintJob: This class allows you to print one or more objects.  The objects can be containers or custom compnents that are built just for displaying printed material.  Personally I like the custom component for printing. I think it breaks things up code wise easier. 

This class automaticall splits large jobs over multiple pages for you and will scale to fir your desired paper size.

Need 1 more for MAX 2007 3 for 2 deal

Tony Oravet & Myself (Seth Humphrey) are looking for a 3rd person going to Adobe MAX 2007 so I can contact Adobe to refund us for the 3 for the price of 2 deal. Please let me know if you haven't already gotten in a group of 3: