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   Our Mission: AMMUG exists to provide a collaborative environment and educational venue for digital media and application developers in the Auburn area.

ColdFusion song by Lana Rudkovsky

More compelling than the VP debate!

Connect Presenter: Teleprompter

Something to look into is a teleprompter for the presenter... there should be some free ware that could imitate a professional telepromter... anyone got ideas?????

MAX 08 and the ColdFusion Unconference Schedule

Please join us November 16-19 in San Francisco for Adobe MAX 2008 which will bring together thousands of forward-thinking designers, developers, and business decision makers that are shaping the future of our industry. As part of the agenda at this year's MAX, Adobe has added the MAX Unconference area. The Unconference is a way for attendees to convene in a casual setting to share ideas as well as host their own discussion groups. This year ColdFusion has been chosen as one of the four organizations to run one of the Unconference areas.

Anyone with a MAX badge can participate in this program. Come share your knowledge by joining in the open discussions, suggesting topics, creating agendas and participating in engaging Q & A.

Improving Audio Quality suggestion

If you are having problems with audio quality, try replacing the Camera and Voice pod with a Share pod displaying a .jpg file of yourself instead of broadcasting paused video. This works because you can have more than one instance of the Share pod on the screen at one time. Using an additional Share pod instead of the Camera and Voice pod reduces bandwidth usage, which, in turn, allows for better quality audio and faster meeting room performance.

Anyone going to MAX?

Darrell Crutchley and I are looking for a 3rd person to sign up for the educational discount registration for MAX. If interested, please contact me.
Sam Singer

Adobe Connect and Active Directory User Bug

Currently there is a bug within Active Directory where only 2,000 users can be queried from Active Directory. Adobe has been made away of this problem and will have a fix in SP1.

Currently we have a work around in place.

The 10 Commandments of Web Design

The Internet is constantly changing. spoke to a bevy of experts and distilled the must-follow rules top online designers live by in 2008

Read full story:

Converting a Connect Recording into a MP4 format for Pod Cast

Ok ladies and gents this was a interesting trial which turned out to be a success.

 Here are the steps I took


1.  Went to a recorded meeting and selected "Make Offline"

2.  This could be the tedious part but, was not to terrible since this was only a 45 minute  presentation.  To make a recording offline it takes the same amount of time to process.  Just select the location that you would like the recording saved.  It is saved as a .FLV file.

 3.  Once this was done, I took the UTube to MP4 converter and used it for the conversion.  You can get this free software here: 

Connect 7 on Mac OS Tiger Workaround

Users on MAC OS Tiger will need to do the following steps very time they wish to launch a meeting room. Hopefully Adobe will release a fix for this issue.


1. You need to be the admin on the  machine you wish to launch the meeting

2. Go to the Applications directory and click on the Adobe Connect 7 Icon. 3. Now in this folder click on the Green and White Adobe Connect 7 AddIn Icon.This launches a web browser window.  DO NOT close this window.   

3.  Now in a new internet browser window navigate to the desired meeting room location

4.  You will now get a security pop up window. It is safe to click Ok to proceed. 

CF Enterprise is FREE! for Education

Everybody should like this announcement. This could take effect with the current version.