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AMMUG Join's User Group Programs of Three Publishing Companies

I'm pleased to inform all group members that the Auburn Macromedia Users Group has joined the user group programs of two publishing companies with a third membership pending. One of the perks of being an official Macromedia/Adobe Users Group is that we're given the opportunity to join the user group programs of several publishing companies including O'Reilly, PeachPit, and Sam's Publishing. I've received confirmation of our enrollment from O'Reilly and PeachPit and I hope to hear from Sam's Publishing within a few weeks (just signed up today). Membership in these user group programs does have its benefits including free review copies of currently released books as well as future releases, individual group member discounts, discounts on conferences and tutorials, speakers, free promotional give away items, etc. A categorized list of benefits for each membership is given below includeing discount information and restrictions and procedures for reviewing books.  I will update this list as soon as I receive confirmation of our enrollement in the Sam's Publishing User Group program; until then I encourage all group members to take advantage of these benefits and if you have any questions please feel free to submit a question on the forums and I will respond within 24 hours.



  •  As a member of O'Reilly's user group program AMMUG can receive free copies of currently released books as well as future releases. The only catch is that requests must be submitted by the group rep (which is me stonema) only. If you would like to order a free review copy please send me an email with:
    •  your name (real and group username),
    • address (if you would like the book shipped directly to your office otherwise they will be shipped to my office and I will contact you when they arrive),
    • phone number,
    • book(s) title(s)

    Once you've read the book please write a short review and post the review to the book review forum. If you need assistance in writing the review please visit the following website I will then forward your review onto my contact at O'Reilly (must do), as well as post the review on Amazon unless you ask me not too.

  • Another wonderful benefit is the group member discounts.  AMMUG members can receive a 30% discount on O'Reilly, No
    Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint, or Syngress books purchased directly from O'Reilly books at or by calling 800-998-9938. To prevent abuse of this code by non-group members I will distribute the code through our mailing list or by direct contact only.  AMMUG members are also entitled to a discount on O'Reilly conferences and tutorials as well as other special discount offers.
  • In addition, O'Reilly will regularly donate books and other promotional items for raffles or auctions to help our group raise money, or for meeting door prizes--just let me know if you're in need of something.
  • O'Reilly will also make some of the authors available to speak at our group meetings.
  • O'Reilly also publishes UG newsletters filled with links to articles, tips, and book reviews. I will post this newsletter to this site on a regular basis.



  • The overall benefits of being in PeachPit UG are similar to those of O'Reilly.  At the time of this posting I do not have detailed information on the PeachPit benefits package, but as soon as I do I will update this blog with the information.

Once again I encourage all group memebers to take full advantage of this opportunity to enhance your knowledge through reading and to please pass on this knowledge to others .