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Web page Search

This should be a simple question, but can't seem to find an answer today.
How do you conduct a site search. For instance I want a search for just google is fine, seems to be what most use.

Also what is the best counter, or Statcounter for a webpage?

Going with StatCounter for

Going with StatCounter for the counter unless someone gives me a much better option.

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Site search

On Google you can type:  keyword

An example URL for it is as follows (click the link to see it in action):[...] 

AU Search

On the Auburn University search page, to do the same search shown in the above comment:

+keyword +url:humsci

and see the results at

The AU Search reflects changes to webpages faster than Google. Also, relevant domains other than, such as, are indexed in the AU Search collections.

Thanks. I will definately

Thanks. I will definately use this. Keeping it as close to matching the auburn homepage as possible is the goal.


if($spelling==$errors) {Close (eyes) || Open(mental.correct)}