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World-class CSS Training

Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer will be in Atlanta on April 3 for an all day CSS workshop at Turner Field.
According to the website,

"the event is a concentrated, one-day learning session that will change the way you approach web design. You will learn how to:

* Design, write, and structure your site to communicate clearly and effectively.
* Let user needs and business goals guide redesigns, and get buy-in from bosses and clients.
* Separate your site’s underlying structure from its visual presentation.
* Translate even the most sophisticated and complex visual designs to CSS layout.
* Make pages that load twice as fast, rank higher on Google, and work better for more users.

You’ll also gain insight into how experienced standards-based designers approach and solve common problems as Eric and Jeffrey delve into recent projects, showing how they approach design and coding in their own client work.

This is not an introductory class. Not a rehashing of basics. Not for beginners. Not to be missed."

Early bird pricing is $499. I've signed up. This is a real deal any of you interested in improving your css skills by training with the industry leaders. No plane or hotel needed.