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Flex 2.0 beta

I downloaded Flex 1.5 maybe a month ago. I haven't had time to check it out. Yesterday, I saw many blog entries about Flex 2.0 beta. The latest pricing schemes got me excited about the possibility that we might be able to afford this product.

If you have followed the product's development, you might know that it creates .swf files using xml and javascript. You might also know that the price for the server is over $12,000!

The news of earlier this week is exciting because the new pricing scheme will mean that the server will be free and the IDE called Flex Builder 2 will sell for under $1000!

After an easy download and installation, I found that I had created several simple applications by following a tutorial in a matter of a couple of hours. The amount of code required is remarkably small.

I am sure that this technology that produces a great user experience has great promise and will be used extensively in Liberal Arts.

Competition is good!

Adobe/Macromedia must be getting competition from OpenLaszlo, which also produces Flash applications from XML and JavaScript. Plus it is free, and even has a free Eclipse-based IDE for it developed by IBM.

Interesting Discussion Laszlo Vs. Flex

Here is an interesting article from the Java community web site,

Good discussion about the flex/laszlo debate

Thanks for the link. I don't know if it was brought up in the discussion, but one of the interesting things about Laszlo is that it was designed to be output agnostic. I.e., it currently uses Flash for the output system (serializer), but it does not have to. If something better comes along, an output system could be written and then the applications would just need to be recompiled to use it. I'm sure that Flex is closely tied to Flash.