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Minutes for January 18, 2006 Meeting

10:00 AM

Minutes for the Adobe/Macromedia User Group

John opened meeting and shared what had happened since we last met.

• AMMUG is now an official Adobe/Macromedia User group. Benefits include discounts on conferences, certifications, and texts.
• Website is up and running thanks to Richard. Registered at the AMMUG website to be able to post questions and comments.

Richard discussed the official website. The AMMUG website uses the content manager Drupal. After logging in users have options to post to the blogs, books, and forums. Group blogs and personal blog space are available. Next Richard discussed the forum area. It includes a general and technical section.

Images galleries – images can be uploaded to the galleries. Richard demonstrated how images can be placed in post and everyone can view the images. The body of the post can be edited within the Drupal window. It can also be designed in Dreamweaver. Code can be copied and pasted to the window for more ease in adding and editing post. Passwords and email address can be change under my account link.

A shared email folder under GroupWise was setup to receive emails from Ed Sullivan the coordinator for Adobe user groups. Emails for other user groups will also be sent to this shared folder.

The AMMUG Mission Statement was written by Dawn and posted under the general section of the forum. Two mission statements were posted and suggestions are welcome.

If registered users would like their announcements or topics to be displayed on the first page of the site contact the admin. Most recent post will show up on the right and left columns as links.

Next Troy spoke about Dreamweaver and discussed speakers that he thought would be helpful for the user group. During his attendance at the MAX Conference Troy attended a presentation on CSS. He spoke with the speaker and he was willing to come to one of our meetings in the summer. The speaker discussed ways to make CSS work in different browser and how to convert existing table sites to tableless. Hopefully he will be able to come between June and August.

Eric (?) is also willing to speak on Contribute. He is willing to help users with setup and problems that they may be having.

It is the hope of the user group that presenter will teach and provide on hands opportunities.

Having a speaker on ColdFusion was suggested. Ben Forta will be in Atlanta February 3 for people interested in ColdFusion.

Flex was suggested as a topic.
Flex is the coder view of flash. You make flash application by coding. Flex uses tags similar to ColdFusion. Flex may be available for the user group. One product from Adobe is usually given every 6 months to the user group.

Ajax was also mention as a possible topic. Google Earth was built from Ajax.

Suggestions for Topics:
Cascading Style Sheets

Troy went over some of the Dreamweaver killer tips from the AMMUG website.
- Zooming
- Saved Workspace Layout

Books section of the site can be edited. Textually changes and additions can be made.

Troy will upload some the notes he collected at the Max Conference.

Richard and Troy encouraged us to use the forum to post questions or solutions that we have discovered while working with the products.

University orders for Dreamweaver were thought to still go through Govconnection.
Great place to find extensions for Dreamweaver.
Generating Dynamic CSS Menus is one of the extensions shown. This company will create custom extension.

Meeting Concluded at approximately 11:00 am

Great review of the meeting

You did a good job catching all the action at the meeting. Thanks for posting the minutes. -R

thanks Tracy

Thanks for minutes Tracy!

Thanks Tracy

Great job. Very detailed. Thanks.