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Mission (draft) Accomplished

Our Mission? A couple of drafts to consider...

One (no-nonsense)
The Auburn Macromedia Users Group (AMMUG) creates an opportunity for members, both novice and expert, to share, learn, practice, and experience multimedia development…with a focus on using Macromedia/Adobe products and tools.

Two (slightly more feely)
The Auburn Macromedia Users Group (AMMUG) provides inspiration …and a forum for networking with others interested in multimedia development using Macromedia/Adobe products. Members share expertise and tips, explore developments, report on trends, and offer support for group members… all in a common effort to USE multimedia effectively.

Either works for me

I like both of them. The engineer in me likes the first, and the artist in me likes the second. :-)

-- Richard

My $0.02

I like the second one better. Should we add open source to the list considering our AMMUG website is using open source (Drupal) rather than Adobe/Macromedia software? Or maybe "related" as some extensions, etc. are not open source. "...multimedia development using Macromedia/Adobe, and related products."

While we're on the subject...

We may want to consider when (or if) to change the name of the group to the Auburn Multimedia Users Group because this would affect our mission by expanding it beyond just Adobe and Macromedia products. Another thing to consider is that Multimedia is one word, but our group's domain name has two Ms to match how Macromedia did things.

The M thing

I was thinking more about the two M thing, and decided that it probably doesn't matter. :-)