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Dreamweaver Help Topic

If you are in need of Dreamweaver help or are just looking for some guidance post a few lines here & hopefully between all of us we will be able to help you!


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Main question if you don't

Main question if you don't feel like reading.
How do you make templates in Dreamweaver.

What is the easiest way to make Templates in Dreamweaver 8.01? Human Sciences is going to start using WebGUI from PlainBlack, and I want to be able to give them a template so that they can edit their own pages without having to worry about html. This is also for the new university web site. I would love to be able to use the template with the include files but this is what I am having the most dificulties with.

if($spelling==$errors) {Close (eyes) || Open(mental.correct)}

Dreamweaver Templating

Here is a very basic overview on How to Create Templates in Dreamwever. This was originally done for DW MX 2004, but it works the same in DW 8. However, DW templates are for DW templating. I'm not sure if you are really asking about DW templating since you plan to use a CMS. DW templating is really intended for sites that are built in DW and maintined in either DW and/or Contribute. The templates specific to your CMS are going to contain code specific to that program (WebGUI) and could be built in any HTML or text editor.

Email me if you'd like to talk about this in more detail. Currently we are using  DW and Contribute to manage all of the ACES, AAES and CoAg sites.  

Well, at least a lot of them...

We're not quite at the "all" stage yet. ;-) Contribute seems to be doing a good job, though, on the ones it is managing.

Setting Default Permissions

Is there a way to change the default permissions for files when you put them to the remote server?

Setting Default Permissions

I assume you are referring to the UNIX permissions for files bing uploaded to the server. This depends on the way in which the files are uploaded. If they are uploaded through a Samba mounted drive (this is how most of my files are uploaded from Dreamweaver) then the file permissions are based on the settings for that particular mount point in the Samba configuration file on the server. The mount points we use for web development are set to automatically give write permission to both the user and the group and read permission for the world. If the files are uploaded through sftp, the default file permissions are determined by the server. The default for sftp seems to be 700 or read, write and execute for the owner and nothing for group or world. Usually these settings could be customized per individual user. Fortunately Greg Parmer was able to tweak this on our sftp server so that for every file uploaded, the user and group get read and write and the world gets read by default. The default for ftp is to give write permission to the owner, read for everyone, and execute for everyone on directories. I'm not sure about customizing this, but you probably want to avoid the use of plain ftp since it passes the username and password as plain text. Let me know if you have any questions.

Strange error in DW when attempt to upload files

Have any of you see this weird DreamWeaver error? C. W. of Acc Supp gets this when he tries to upload a page to his site on the AU Web server. It works from other machines.

"While executing DWMenu_File_SaveDocumentToRemoteServer command in menus.xml, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred: Exception thrown in native function."

Thanks for help.