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WordPress 3.0 Adventure

There has been a good bit of discussion over the past 18 or so months on the WordPress Blogging software. I have personally have tried numerous times to create a riveting blog structure that would almost in essence act like a cms. Yes a daunting task I agree. The biggest questions was to use WP or use WP MU. WPMU gave more functionality, easier creation of multiple blog instances, not to mention the really nice plug-ins.

Unfortunately, I never could successfully make this happen, either lack of knowledge on my part or lack of time. Finally though, with WP 3.0 life is simple. With the new features that have been added, such as WPMU and regular WP are one install and not separate programs, to widgets and one of my favorites one button press upgrade for ALL of your MU blogs. There are numerous new items that have been added to this new realize that I want to highlight.

My goal is to being the discussion on this from within the AMMUG blog, and then move the content into the "Books" section on specific topics such as widgets, custom themes, security, designers pov, work-flow, custom posts, WPMU activation, end user ease of use (especially with Adobe Contribute).

Also, let us not forget that Adobe has added in some really neat new features in DW CS5 for WP. I will go over these as well, especially in the template design section. DW finally comes into the blogging arena with these new features.

The end goal I have in is to take everyone on the ride that Elizabeth Sanders and myself will be taking to apply the new AU Theme to a WPMU 3.0 website. Daring yes :-) but just think of the possibilities that we will have to create some truly dynamic content that is provided by our content experts!

P.S. Those of you who work for AU and would like more in depth details on this project let me know and I will give you access to the more detailed information that we will be keeping.