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Quick Tip: Bringing in Guest Speakers

With Adobe Connect you can bring a guest speaker into your classroom through your computer without having to schedule (or pay for) a special videoconferencing room or bridge and without having to allow time and money for travel.

Preparing for a Guest Speaker

  1. When selecting a guest speaker, keep in mind that using Adobe Connect requires a higher level of comfort with technology than speaking face-to-face with a group.
  2. Make sure your guest speaker has the necessary equipment to participate – computer, camera, headset, Internet connection, etc.
  3. Talk with your guest about the goals for the class and the material you want him/her to cover, including any graphics, videos, PPT presentations or documents s/he will want to display.
  4. Arrange to obtain the files for the presentation from the guest and upload them into your meeting room a few days in advance of the meeting – or, if your guest is comfortable with using Adobe Connect, make him/her a Presenter in the room so s/he can upload his/her own files.
  5. Several days prior to the class, arrange a time to meet with the guest in your Adobe Connect meeting room to practice the presentation.
  6. Also discuss with your guest ways to make the presentation more interactive. Decide with your guest when and how s/he will take student questions. Ask your guest to send you questions that can be displayed in the Poll pod periodically throughout the presentation.
  7. The day before the presentation, remind your guest of the actual date and time of the class.
  8. On the day of the guest presentation, arrive at the classroom ten to fifteen minutes early to set up your computer and camera. Greet the guest when s/he arrives in the Adobe Connect room and begin broadcasting audio and video, testing the sound for quality and volume.
  9. Be prepared to provide feedback to your guest as the class progresses. Tell your guest about things that are going on in the room that your guest can't see.
  10. Be prepared to provide technical support during the presentation. If you don't feel confident that you can solve any problems that may arise, arrange for a tech support person to be available to help.