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How To View Meeting Room Reports

Adobe Connect provides some basic report information about meetings:

  • The number of unique sessions
  • The date and time of the most recent session
  • The number of peak users
  • A list of attendees, their user ID, and when they entered and exited the room
  • A breakdown of meeting start and end dates and time and the number of attendees by session
  • A breakdown of poll questions, distribution of answers, and user responses

All report data is also available for export as .csv files.

To access reports, you have to have Host permissions set through the Participant List in the Adobe Connect Central Web interface or be the person who created the meeting and have your name still listed as a Host on the Participant List.

From within a meeting room:

  1. From within a meeting room, select “Manage Meeting Information” from the Meeting Menu.

    The "Manage Meeting Information" Option in the Meeting Menu

  2. In the “Meeting Information” menu bar on the Meeting Information screen, click the “Reports” link at the far right.

    The "Reports" Link in the Meeting Information Menu Bar

  3. View the various reports by clicking the link for the report name.

    Report Summary

  4. To export the data for that specific report, click the “Download Report Data” button.

    Download Button

To sort each column, click the small white arrow to the right of each column heading.