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Optimizing Screen Sharing for you and your Audience

Optimizing Screen Sharing for you and your Audience
At the start of your meeting, presenters can choose from three screen sharing settings to maximize the screen sharing experience for participants.  At the top under the menu item 'Meeting'  then 'Room Performance & Apperence' you can adjust the quality of screen sharing.   
  •  Low bandwidth -- Default setting. Ideal for low bandwidth envrioments, this setting delievers lower frame rate with 75% of the quality of "highest quality"
  • Fast Images -- Best for higher bandwidth enviroments, this setting delivers higher frame rates with 75% of the "highest quality"
  • High Quality -- When the quality of the material is most important, this setting delivers lower frame rate with the highest quality the codec delivers and very close to the original source image.   
Additionally, bandwidth settings can also be adjsuted by the presenter from LAN default setting to a DSL/Cable setting, or Modem settings, to accommodate participants in lower bandwidth enviroments.