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Joining/Leaving a Meeting

Joining/Leaving a Meeting

By going directly to the meeting room using the URL supplied by your meeting Host, (View Video Tutorial)

All Auburn faculty,staff and students have participant access to meeting room with their AU Login and Password.  Guests of AU can login using the Guest login for the meeting room.  Those individuals who plan to participate frequently to AU meeting should have a Adobe Connect account setup. 

 Logging in to a meeting room using the URL

  • Enter the URL for the meeting room in the web address bar.
  • You will need to log in with either your AU ID and password or login as a guest with your first and lastname.
  • Click the Login button to proceed.


Leaving a Meeting

To leave a meeting, simply close the computer window containing the meeting room. On a Windows computer, click the red X in the upper right corner of the window. On a Mac, click the red circle in the upper left of the window.

The content of an Adobe Connect meeting room does not change when anyone (including the host) leaves. The only part of the room that changes dynamically is the list of attendees who are currently present in the room.