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Dreamweaver Killer Tips Page 7 - No More Broken Links

You are not only able to find broken links, but you can also find orphaned files—those are files not used within the site at all.
While at least one document in your site is open, select

  • Window
  • Results
  • Link Checker or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F9 (Command+Shift+F9)

    and then click the green arrow icon on the left to select Check Links for Entire Site or one of the other two choices.
    When the command is finished, if any links are broken, they'll be listed in the panel. Click the filename in the Broken Links
    column and you can edit the link or browse to the file. Dreamweaver will even ask whether you'd like to update any other broken
    references to the same file. After those bad links are fixed, they are removed from the list. In the top left of the panel,
    you can choose to show external and orphaned files. No matter what you're displaying, double-clicking a file listed on the
    left in the panel will open it in Dreamweaver for editing.