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Can the host adjust meeting information and the participant list? YES and this is how!

Can the host adjust meeting information and the participant list?  YES and this is how!

This is a very useful  tip as it allows hosts of the meeting to adjust permissions and edit meeting room information.

  1. Launch the desired meeting room that you would like to make changes to.  note remember that you have to be the host to do this :-) 
  2. At the top of the meeting room click on 'Meeting' 
  3. Click 'Manage Meeting Information'

Now this will open up a web page and take you to the Adobe Connect Cental Meeting room control console.  You have several options now at your disposal.  First off you you general information on the meeting room.  You can edit this information by clicking 'Edit Information.'  You can change the room name, access type, and start times.   

Under Participants you can change out who can enter the room and their status, host, participant, or presenter as wel las add and remove individuals.  

Please note also, that this is the easiest way to gain access to the meeting rooms recordings.  From here you can edit, make offline and set recording permissions, i.e. public or private.    For more details on recordings, please view the tutorials.