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Dreamweaver Killer Tips Page 6 - Transfering Sites


Do you have a client or co-worker using Dreamweaver? You can save them the time of defining a site by exporting your site definition for them to import. This very method is how you'll transfer sites between your own computers. Select Site > Edit Sites and then click the site you want to export. Click the Export button and continue with the export—I'm sure you can figure it out. Do the same for each site definition—it is good to have a backup of all site definitions, just in case. In fact, set this book down—but keep it open of course—and export all of your defined sites right now. It is a known issue that without rhyme or reason, the site definitions may be lost completely.

It is important to realize that the .ste files store all the info in the Site Definition dialog but it does not back up the files on your site. You'll need to do that manually. If you opted to include the password in the .ste, be aware that though it is encrypted it is conceivable that it can be deciphered. Give the .ste fiels to your client or co-worker so that they can use the Import button on the Edit Sites dialog to import the site definition.