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Quick Start Guide

Before Joining a Meeting
Before joining a meeting there are several things you need to do.

  1. You will need an Auburn University Account.(Unless you are participating as guest)
  2. You will also need a fast Internet connection, updated Web browser and Flash Player
  3. You will need to test your computer and Internet connection at
  4. Note the connection speed indicated as you will need it to set your connection speed once you enter the meeting room.

    If the report you get back from the connection test indicates that you are unable to connect to the Auburn university server, it is almost always caused by a firewall or proxy server at your location. Your local network administrator would be most knowledgeable to help you solve these issues.

    Another potential issue could be third-party firewall software on your computer, or possibly Web proxy software that your browser is configured to use. Your local tech support staff should be able to help you adjust your settings.

    The IMG Help Desk may also be able to help you determine if it is a local software issue, (334)-844-5181.

  5. If you will be sharing your desktop, an application and/or files in the Share Pod, you will need the Adobe Connect Add-In: Windows or Macintosh
  6. The Add-In should have been installed when you ran the connection test in the previous step. If you receive a message when you enter the meeting room that you need to install the Add-In, you will need to follow the steps in the tutorial. If all else fails, the Add-In can be found at the URLs below and installed by clicking the appropriate link for your operating system. Sharing is not an option for the Linux operating system as there is no Add-In for Linux.

  7. If you will be broadcasting video, you will need a USB or Firewire web camera. If you will be listening to audio from within the meeting room (VoIP) you will need speakers or a headset. If you will be broadcasting audio from within the meeting room (VoIP) you will need a USB microphone or a USB headset with a microphone.

Joining a Meeting

  1. Enter the meeting URL in your browser (or access the Adobe Connect Pro Central Interface at and find your meeting.
  2. Log in to the meeting

Configuring Audio/Video and Connection Speed
(See Setting Up Audio or setting up Video in this section for more information.)

  1. From the "Meeting" menu select "Manage My Settings," then the flyout menu "Audio Setup Wizard..." and follow the instructions. (View the tutorial on setting up audio.)

  2. AudioSetupWizardFlyout.jpg

  3. From the "Meeting" menu select "Manage My Settings," then the flyout menu "My Connection Speed" and select the option that matches the connection test report speed.
  4. MyConnectionSpeedFlyout.jpg

  5. If broadcasting video, from the "Meeting" menu select "Manage My Settings," then the flyout menu “Select Camera..." and choose your camera. (View the tutorial.)


Using Adobe Connect
Learning to Use Adobe Connect contains information about Web resources, interactive demos, and support information.