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Information that is preserved in template/layout and pods

Even after a meeting has ended the following information is preserved within their pods. It is suggested that you clear out all information that you do not want to show up the next time the meeting room is loaded.


  • layout name
  • Chat pod -- remember you can e-mail the content
  • Pods with name, size, position, and settings for full screen toggle 
  • Pod content
  • Page number in Flash Paper & Position seek in a FLV movie
  • White Board Overlay Content
  • Poll State
  • Question & answers
  • Text in Note Pods
  • Camera and Audio Settings
  • Room on Hold Settings
  • Value for guest entry
  • Message displayed to users when a meeting is on hold or ended
  • Room background, screen resolution and bandwidth settings
  • Presenter only area status
  • Contact invitee description

A good habit to form is to always clear out each pod of all content that is not going to be used later, such as the chat pod, note pod, or even the shared content pod.   

To do this remember to  click the stop sharing button, delete the text in the note pod, and to clear the chat history.