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What is the diffrence between a Host, Presenter, and Participant

The Host has full control over all functions of the meeting. This individual(s) starts the session.

(1)  Setup the meeting room by inviting participants, controlling access to the meeting room and setting the meeting room connections.
(2)  Customize the meeting room by creating, reorganizing, adding, and deleting new meeting room layouts and display areas, called Pods.
(3) Promote, demote, or eject users in the meeting room.
(4) Give enhanced permission to users
(5) Create and manage small group breakout rooms within a meeting
(6) Perform all tasks that a presenter or participant can

The Presenter has "moderate" access to the meeting. Can add,remove and adjust the layout of rooms.

(1) Send Text Messages to other people in the meeting room
(2) Moderate questions and answers y redirecting questions to te appropriate presenter, replying to questions with answers and questions pairs, filtering questions, and sending answers to the sender or all attendees.
(3) Create text notes for participants that stay visible when and where you want them to.  Provide context and collobrate in real time with participants on a free-form text and drawing surface.
(4)  Broadcast video and audio to other meeting participants and enable and approve broadcast from other participants. 
(5) Present content ot participants including powerpoint, Connect Presentations, images, Flash Applications, and Flash Video.
(6) Screen Share the display or control applications on your computer to give a product demo, how content or control applications that not listed above. 
(7) Poll meeting participants with questions and responses that you create, and view results
(8) Force browsing to weblinks by adding and pushing the selected links
(9) Setup file downloads for the participants

The Participant has "limited" access. They are able to view, listen, and chat (if enabled). Participants are do not have video or microphone access.