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Flex 2.0 Table of Contents

Flex 2.0 Book Table of Contents

 This is a work in progress book.  As I make advances I will post more information.  There is a STRONG chance that the code I use is NOT best practices and could be done better.  Unfortunantly, I am still a novice at Flex, but I want to share what I learn so hopefully you do not get into the same pitfalls as I do. 

Please feel free to correct, improve, or add to what is here.  I just ask that you leave your username next to what you add so the group can ask you more questions if needed! 

There is NOT going to be a set order to this at the moment.  As more items are made I will sort the list to a more logical one. 


1.  What is Flex
2.  Sample Flex Applications
3.  How to create a menubar
4.  Laying out your interface
5.  Using PHP to connect Flex to your MYSQL Database