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A flex application with XML

I have been toying with Flex at home latley and made this neat little app. It is just a beginner's app, but it ahas opened up some doors on ideas and alll.


THis is my personal website/blog.

Flex Rocks!

You got it going! Looking good.


Thanks a lot Sam!! I am hoping to compelte this app soon. I want to be able to allow people to register and then be able to post data!

Not sure how to do it, but I do not think it will be diffcult from some examples I have seen.

Also, I am working on a online job system for outside companies to recruit our students after/before graduation. I have begun to do this in Flex, currently it is in Alpha phase and possible move to beta by the end of the day. Is so I will post it up for you to check out and comment on!

THe more I use it the more I see possibilities!

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