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Dreamweaver Killer Tips Page 2

This page is going to focus on
Tinkering With Your Toolbars

 Learn how to:

  • – Keep toolbars turned on/off

  • • Note: When installing new extensions, the toolbars reset


    Setting toolbars to show or not show especially

    helps those who frequently add/remove extensions.

  • – Add/Remove buttons

  • – Reduce the width of the Document toolbar by

    shortening or removing the Code, Split, and Design

    buttons’ labels

 Editing toolbars.xml – What You Should Know 

In your User’s Configuration, locate:


Casing counts, so be careful. It is best to edit

toolbars.xml in HomeSite or other text editor

besides Dreamweaver.

Look for the main <toolbar> tags to determine

which toolbar you are editing

Restart Dreamweaver after any changes

Find your User’s Configuration

– Windows:
• C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application
Data\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\Configuration
Note: If you can’t find the Configuration, be sure your folders are set to show hidden files.
– Mac OS X:
• Users : [username] : Library : Application Support :
Macromedia : Dreamweaver 8 : Configuration


initiallyVisible is an attribute of the <toolbar> tag

  •  Valid values are either true or false
  •  If the initiallyVisible attribute is missing, true is
  • assumed
  •  Change the value of this attribute to show/hide a
  • toolbar whenever Dreamweaver automatically
  • resets its toolbars

Problem:– The Standard toolbar is not shown by default

– Anytime toolbars are reset, if desired, you must enable

the Standard toolbar to make it display


– Change its initiallyVisible attribute to true as follows:

<toolbar id="Standard_Toolbar" label="Standard"

initiallyVisible="false" backgroundStyle="gradient">


Adding/Removing Existing Toolbar Buttons 

 To add a toolbar button copy/paste it to the

position in the toolbar where you’d like the button

to appear

Note: There are a bunch of buttons commented out that can be enabled by removing

the comment delimiters. If you’ve installed extensions that edit toolbars.xml, you may

need to refer to the Program’s toolbars.xml file in order to copy the code and paste in

your User’s Configuration’s toolbars.xml file.

§ To remove a toolbar button, use HTML comments

to comment out the button you’d rather not see


 The Code Navigation Menu Button’s XML Tag

<menubutton id="DW_CodeNav"





tooltip="Code navigation"

enabled="dw.getFocus()=='textView' || dw.getFocus()=='html'"



 Bonus Tip – Functions Menu 

 You can forget about the Code Navigation menubutton!

– Rightclick

(Ctrl+click) in Code view to use theFunctions menu, which also sorts alphabetically by

holding the Ctrl (Cmd) key while you Rightclick(Ctrl+click)