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March AMMUG Meeting

It's that time once again! Our March AMMUG meeting will be
Friday, March 16 @ 11:00 AM in Haley Center, room 3233.
See you there!

Topics for this month's meeting include:

  • Photoshop - A group of us just attended an all day Photoshop seminar in Atlanta and will be giving a recap and sharing some neat new tricks and features.
  • Cold Fusion - CF United will be held on Thursday 3-15 in Atlanta. Our own Sam Singer is attending the events and will be giving us a reacap and telling us about what he learned.
  • Contribute - Troy Hahn will be discussing the differences in version 3.x and 4. We will have a discussion on upgrading and differences both on the client and admin sides.
  • Roundtable Group Discussion -Talk about your current projects, interests, ask questions, etc.

We will be giving away door prizes to a few lucky Adobe fans! Don't miss it!