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Passing Variable

I have a flash form that updates data but I would like give the user the opportunity to do other things on that same form. The form contains a professor email and a students and I want to give the user the capabilty to email one or the other. What would be the best approach to pass a variable to another page? I thought about having the user to select checkbox if they want email a student or professor. I'm not sure how I would handle it if they chose both. I also thought about passing a variable through an url that sends it to a different action page.
ex. Proctor
But I haven't been able to figure out how to get that line of code to accept the value of the variable. If I put a hardcoded value in where TestID is it will pass the value.

Any thoughts?

Passing Variables

First and foremost I have never used Cold Fusion, so this could be all useless.

I know in html forms in the past I have created an enumerated array, and added the values in the cc field by listing the values in the array. It took a couple of IF statements. Just an idea.


if($spelling==$errors) {Close (eyes) || Open(mental.correct)}

Passing Variables

Passing Variables

Thanks Chris. Sam came by this morning with the solution. I needed to include the cfoutput tags.

<a href="components/email.cfm?ProctorUserID=<cfoutput>