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Assistive Technologies Seminar

The Computer Science and Software Engineering dept. (my alma mater) along with the folks from the AIDB E. H. Gentry Assistive Technology program will be hosting a hands-on seminar on assistive computer applications and other technologies for the disabled. The information they will provide will be a very useful guide to helping us as web developers build websites that accessible to all viewers whether they are disabled or not.  I encourage all AU IT specialists, webmasters, and others charged with web development to attend this seminar. I've pasted the original announcement below if you missed it the first time.

BusinessWeek Reports on the Merger

Read a recent BusinessWeek article about the Adobe-Macromedia merger.

World-class CSS Training

Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer will be in Atlanta on April 3 for an all day CSS workshop at Turner Field.
According to the website,

"the event is a concentrated, one-day learning session that will change the way you approach web design. You will learn how to:

* Design, write, and structure your site to communicate clearly and effectively.
* Let user needs and business goals guide redesigns, and get buy-in from bosses and clients.
* Separate your site’s underlying structure from its visual presentation.
* Translate even the most sophisticated and complex visual designs to CSS layout.


Thigns have been extremly busy these past 2 weeks in fisheries...I got assigned a new project in the form of student recruitment.   Currenlty i am working on scholarship packets and a new brochure design....   man this has taken so much work!  



Flex 2.0 beta

I downloaded Flex 1.5 maybe a month ago. I haven't had time to check it out. Yesterday, I saw many blog entries about Flex 2.0 beta. The latest pricing schemes got me excited about the possibility that we might be able to afford this product.

If you have followed the product's development, you might know that it creates .swf files using xml and javascript. You might also know that the price for the server is over $12,000!

The news of earlier this week is exciting because the new pricing scheme will mean that the server will be free and the IDE called Flex Builder 2 will sell for under $1000!

Ben Forta at Atlanta ColdFusion Users Group

Ben FortaColdFusion Product Evangelist, Ben Forta, will be the guest speaker at the March 15th ACFUG meeting. His book, ColdFusion Web Development Kit was recently voted Best Book by ColdFusion Developers Journal. He will be speaking on Flex 2.0. Details to follow.

Ben's web site is:

Atlanta ColdFusion Users Group's web site is:

Favorite Design Links

Figured this was as good a place as any to clean out my bookmarks and compile some recent interesting design articles, tutorials, inspiration, etc...keeping it focused on MM/Adobe of course.

ah later


no flash 

Web Page Plus Code in Photoshop


I am going to complete my dreamweaver killer tips section this week.  Does anyone have any suggestion on what you would like to see next?  Post a comment of your ideas & I will see what I can come up with!

 ~~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup!!~~


Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA)

If you’re not familiar with Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA), you should check it out.

Why? Well, there are hundreds of websites out there dedicated to development and design using Macromedia technologies. These sites publish hundreds of posts and articles of interest to Macromedia developers. Rather than trying to keep up with hundreds of different sites, MXNA 2.0 lets you get all that information in once place. MXNA also makes finding the information you need extremely efficient with features like smart categories and advanced search option.

MXNA 2.0 is the second version of the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. It is an XML (primarily RSS and Atom) feed aggregator written in ColdFusion that allows readers to monitor almost 700 different Macromedia related weblogs and news sources, all in one place. The service now contains more than 70,000 posts! The URL is:

Web server trouble 1/11/06

The web server which runs the AMMUG website had some hardware problems today which affected the site's performance. We made some changes to the boot drives and rebooted it. So far everything seems to be functioning properly.

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