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August Meeting

Hi Everyone, AMMUG will resume normal meeting times now that summer semester has ended.

The next meeting will be August 25th at 11AM. Location to be determined. Reserving conference rooms seems a bit challenging at the moment.

Topics: MAX 2011 Travel Arrangements. Show and tell, and going over the new Adobe Educational teaching packages

MAX 2011

Adobe MAX 2011 October 1–5 Los Angeles Convention Center and Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE Los Angeles, California

There are huge discounts if you register before the end of the month! -- email me if you want to know more.

Moving Wordpress

Relocate method

WordPress supports an automatic relocation method that will figure out and update those values for you automatically. This method is intended to be a quick assist to getting a site working when relocating a site from one server to another.

To use it:

1. Edit the wp-config.php file.

2. After the "define" statements, add this new one:


3. Go to the wp-login.php page in a web browser.

4. Login as per normal.

When the RELOCATE flag is set to true, the Site URL (NOT the home setting) will be automatically updated to whatever path you are using to access the login screen. This will get the admin section up and running on the new URL, but it will not correct any other part of the setup. Those you will still need to alter manually.

WPMU: Setting up Permalinks

WPMU, by default, has a really ugly linking system for example look like this:

Now within WPMU Administration you can customize these links, which are created on the fly, fairly easily.

The obvious choice or solution would be to change said strucutre to this: %/postname%. This is a bad idea.
Reasoning is this, WPMU first checks the URL to see if it is a page before looking to see if it is a post. Therefore in my opinion the most efficient structure would be: %post_id%/%postname%

Remember you have to be an admin to perform this action. I strongly suggest this being done right after installation as changing the linking structure on an already successful blog could have catastrophic effects.

What are the Differences between WP and WPMU?

Recently I have received a few emails asking this question: "What are the Differences between WP and WPMU?"

So I have decided to provide you with Troy's version of the answer.

Previously, there were two different install, WP and WPMU, with the currently release WP 3.0 there is only one version; you just activate the version you want. My favorite part is that you do not have to immediately start with WPMU if you do not need/want to. You can adjust the settings at a later date, a wonderful feature.

Changing Themes Network Wide with WPMU

1. Click on Super Admin > Themes

2. Select the themes you want to make available to all sites by selecting Yes

3. Then click Update Themes


New WordPress 3.0 Installation (not an upgrade)

To start off with the download links for WP is here:

Not to step on the toes of WP Dev team I will NOT post instructions... really a 5 year old can do this.

Check out this out if you do not believe me... less then 10 minutes and you are up and running. Heck it is just click click, enter some data, click click Wham O! you are done!

WordPress 3.0 Adventure

There has been a good bit of discussion over the past 18 or so months on the WordPress Blogging software. I have personally have tried numerous times to create a riveting blog structure that would almost in essence act like a cms. Yes a daunting task I agree. The biggest questions was to use WP or use WP MU. WPMU gave more functionality, easier creation of multiple blog instances, not to mention the really nice plug-ins.

Unfortunately, I never could successfully make this happen, either lack of knowledge on my part or lack of time. Finally though, with WP 3.0 life is simple. With the new features that have been added, such as WPMU and regular WP are one install and not separate programs, to widgets and one of my favorites one button press upgrade for ALL of your MU blogs. There are numerous new items that have been added to this new realize that I want to highlight.

How to make sexy Buttons CSS style

I found this tutorial and wanted to share it.. pretty awesome if u ask me

Applications for iPhone

"Flash Professional CS5 will enable you to build applications for iPhone and iPod touch using ActionScript 3. These applications can be delivered to iPhone and iPod touch users through the Apple App Store." -

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